AN-XX is AeonN’s Digital video fiber optical multiplexer family (or called Digital Video Optical Modem/Converter, CCTV/CATV transmitter and receiver) has over 20 models of products. It transmission 1,2,4,8,16,32,64   channel uncompressed digital video, 1,2,4 channel Hi-Fi stereo audio, 1~8 channel RS232/RS422/RS485 data over one single fiber cable. Provide one core solution for voice, data, video and legacy service access service.

Specifications :

FIber Optical Video MODEM
4 Video + 1 data + HiFi Audio + Ethernet

AN -4x

  – 4 channel Video Optical Multiplexer

– 4 channel Digital Video Optical Fiber Converter

– 4 channel Optical Transmitter and Receiver

The Product provides customer with the most cost-effective solution for transmission of 4 channel uncompressed digital video, 1,2,4 reversed stereo audio and 1 reversed RS232/RS422/RS485 data over one single fiber cable.

It is an easy installation  and adjustment free device while providing high quality, real-time video Applications for this product include CCTV, video surveillance, homeland security, ITS and etc.

CCTV Over Fiber Transmitter and ReceiverFeatures :

some of its advanced features are:

  • Transports 4 channel video
  • all-digital without compression digitized, high quality, Single directional or both directional optional
  • video 8MHz video bandwidth, Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM
  • 1 reversed data transmission (single directional or both directional optional) over same optical fiber to control camera
  • optional: Provides 1 or more HiFi stereo audio (single directional or both directional optional)
  • Easy installation and adjustment free
  • Transmission range 20,40,60,80 up to 120KM depending on model
  • RS232, RS422/RS485 compatible data interfaces
  • optical Ethernet
  • optical voice FXS/FXO
  • Standalone operation or mount in chassis

Specification :

  • Power: 
    220VAC/50Hz, standalone device
    2A@12VDC for rack card
  • Indicators:
    Power, Link Status, Video Signal
    Audio status, Data traffic
  • Video:
    Format: PAL/NTSC/SECAM
    Video Signal: Vp-p, 75ohm ,single directional or both directional optional
    Digitization: 8bits/10bits
    Bandwidth: 8MHz
    DG <1%
    DP <1 degree
    SNR >60dB(weighted)
    Connectors:  BNCs
  • Audio
    Channel: stereo audio, single directional or both directional optional
    Audio Input: unbalanced, 600Ohms
    Digitization: 24bit@ 96kHz
    Frequency: 10Hz to 20KHz
    SNR: >70dB
    Connector: RJ45 or RCA
  • Data:
    Channel: 1, Reversed , single directional or both directional optional
    Data Rate: 0~~23.04Kbps/channel
    Selectable RS-232/RS-422/RS-485
    Connector: RJ45 or Terminal Block with Screw Clamps

Ordering information :

Following are the important key terms and their brief description for ordering:

Video Transmitter and Receiver Key Terms and its Description