Telecom Site Preventives and Maintenance

Preventative maintenance of  Telecom client infrastructure requires specialised technical skills with an affordable cost structure while delivering a service that keeps “up time” within desired SLA levels. Health and safety requirements and detailed quality guidelines ensure that Molapo is the field maintenance provider of choice for a large number of Service Providers.

Telecom Maintenance:

The operation and maintenance of telecommunication installations have made up an important part of Ramboll’s consultancy services for more than 30 years. We have conducted inspection and maintenance programmes on all sorts of telecommunication structures in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Recently we were also asked to include inspections and measurements on other parts of the passive infrastructure in the maintenance programme, such as power supply and electrical installations.

Telecom Maintenance

Telecom Inspection

As a rule, inspection of telecommunication sites requires climbing and a visual check of the structures. Every structural part is subjected to inspection, this of course also includes checking foundations.

The structures that we inspect are:

  • Guyed steel masts with foundations
  • Steel and concrete towers including foundations
  • Chimneys and monopoles with foundations
  • Parabolic antennas
  • Glass fibre structures
  • Rooftop telecommunication structures
  • Facilities, including technical rooms, containers and antennas

Reducing telecom site failures and outages

Downtime on telecom infrastructure is a costly affair for infrastructure companies and creates problems for operators and subscribers. However, the risk of failures and outages at sites due to poor or malfunctioning equipment may be drastically reduced when the condition of the infrastructure is closely monitored and tracked on an ongoing basis.

To achieve this, Ramboll has developed a technique for auditing the sites by using thermal imaging cameras, anemometers, vibration sensors, clamp meters and noise meters. In combination, these techniques provide the means to thoroughly measure and track the condition and working order of essential equipment.

Management tools and consultancy services

Ramboll can conduct inspections for any telecommunication site, providing management tools and consultancy services that may include site additions, site modifications, site repairs, facility management, property management, managing lease agreements and municipal authorities, contractor management and economy management.
Telecom Maintenance

Starting with a strategy

In cooperation with our customers, we prepare a strategy for inspection and maintenance for both telecommunication structures and site facilities. We take all important aspects into account. The strategies we provide seek to optimise the use of resources to ensure high-quality solutions at reasonable cost.