Packing and Logistic Services

Following are the valuable packing and logistic services that we mostly offer you:


Futurist Logistics Services offer services across the board tailor made to your business needs. We specialize in consolidation/groupage services giving you, the best rates possible for your cargo by achieving the best payloads. These consolidation services range from direct flag carriers to deferred economy airlines providing the service best suited to your budget and schedule. Our close relationships with the world’s major international airlines have been in progress for well over 6 years and continue to be our priority day in day out. As part of our standard services being second to none, we provide you the client, the transparency to see the exact location of your cargo via real time tracking. align offers airfreight services to and from all the major cities in the world. With our import and export services and the agents’ network, we are able to provide speedy and efficient service which will reduce not only the freight costs but also the transportation time. When your freight is urgently required or where the ocean transit is just too long, we have the means to deliver on time. The mainstay of our business. Having our branch/associate offices located in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad & Sialkot, align is ideally located in all major stations in Pakistan providing the worldwide Export and Import services to our valued customers. Our vast experience and extensive knowledge of global markets will help expedite the handling of your valuable orders. With our computer links connected directly to all airlines, consolidators and customs and excise we are able to provide our customers with real time progress reports to keep you informed of the shipments status.

Air Freight


Operating from well positioned sites in our key hub areas we are able to cover inter state as well as county wide offering a next day premium and economy 2/3 day service.We are able to transport anything from the smallest parcel on groupage work to providing dedicated vehicles for your exclusive use.Transport services are offered both as a complement to our air and sea services or as a stand alone service transporting goods from one point inside each ALIGN region. We will ensure your required service will be delivered on time and in the condition you dispatched them. We have a comprehensive administration support team that processes and controls CHEP pallets and PODs, which are scanned and stored electronically to allow easy access for copies to be sent to customers via email or fax. Full debrief procedures are in place to record order discrepancies, time of arrival, time of departure and pallet exchange details.

Road Freight


There are always risks attached to cargo handling and freight forwarding. But who gets the blame and more importantly, who pays the bill if the shipment is damaged? Our experience ensures that your goods arrive not only on time, but also in the same condition as when they were dispatched. Our in-house team of packing specialists understand all of the procedures and regulations, making outsourcing your packing the most sensible and stress-free option. Call us on free phone number to speak to a member of our helpful team to get a quick quote.

Our packing services include:

• In-house packing

• Out of gauge

• Abnormal loads

• Hazardous packing

• Awkward loads

Product Packaging