Keeping with the current trend of full integration in the migration of IP and broadband, OPNET Technologies presents ULC-1000AN MSAN, Multi-Services Access Gateway. It can be configured to deploy a wide range of narrowband and broadband voice and data applications, to subscribers over a copper wire-line network infrastructure.

The ULC-1000AN MSAN can be deployed in central office as well as remote outdoor node applications. It enables migration from legacy TDM network to IP-Based Next Generation Network. It provides operators with maximum flexibility for service access, enabling efficient and effective deployment of new services without the need for Opnet MSANadditional investment in infrastructure.


  • Combination of Traditional TDM Services and IP-Based NGN Services in a Single Universal Platform
  • Integrate High speed and Reliable Transmission System
  • High Density, Flexible and Scalable Modularized System Design
  • Comprehensive NMS Features for Access Network Management
  • An easy way of migration from TDM network to NGN network
  • Key applications critical to consumers by a single platform
  • Protect the values of existing equipment investment
  • Lower capital investment and network operation cost
  • Increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by introducing new value-added services
  • Open PSTN interfaces: V5.2 and 2-wire analog, connections to any LE switch for TDM POTS applications
  • Analog Leased Line with or without E&M Signaling
  • Multi-rates Data Leased Line with different kinds of interface, V.11, V.28, V.35, or G.SHDS
  • DS0 level fully non-blocking cross-connect and grooming

These are following more advanced features of ULC-1000AN :

1) VoIP Access Features:

  • Comply with standardized IP-based control protocols, H.248 / MGCP / SIP
  • Bi-directionally convert voice formats between TDM-based PCM payload and IP-based G.711, G.723, G.726 or G.729 payload
  • Echo-cancellation mechanism
  • Voice Activation Detection (VAD)
  • Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
  • 38 Fax over IP functionality
  • Co-existing with V5.2 POTS Network Interface in a single system

2) Broadband Access Features :

  • Variety of xDSL Access Interfaces: ADSL / ADSL2 / ADSL2+/ G.SHDSL / VDSL
  • Variety of Network Interface: ATM E1 IMA, ATM based STM-1 for ATM-Based Network, Fast Ethernet (FE) or Gigabit Ethernet (GE) for IP-Based Network
  • Integrated L2 Switch Features for Advanced Data Services
  • Built-in POTS Splitter on board to simplify MDF cross-connection

3) Integrated Transmission System :

  • Variety of Transmission Interfaces: E1, E3, G.SHDSL Electrical, STM-1/4 Optical, or GE Optical
  • Variety of Network Topologies: Point-to-point, Linear, Star, Ring or Hybrid
  • Fast Recovery from Network Fault by Network Protection Switch

4) Scalable System Capacity from Small, Medium to Large Network Management and Maintenance :

  • Comprehensive network management Features: CM, PM, FM, SM and Inventory
  • Management for overall Access Network
  • Integrate line testing features for easy maintenance
  • Scalable management capacity for different size of access network
  • User friendly interface for easy operation

5) Traditional and V5 DLC :

     ULC-1000AN MSAN provides traditional voice services via V5.2 or 2-wire analog interfaces. Supporting dynamic random concentration ratio. The FXS provides polarity reverse or 12/16 kHz metering signal; it supports of all switch service types and compatible with most LE switch System.

6) Analog and Data Leased Line :

     Via E1 or 2/4-wires E&M interfaces, ULC-1000AN MSAN provides analog leased line to connect a private network; Via G.SHDSL interfaces, ULC-1000AN MSAN provides data leased line service to connect a digital data network (DDN) with E1 network interface; the data rate could be provisioning to E1 or Nx64K.

7) VoIP Access Gateway :

      ULC-1000AN MSAN provides VoIP voice access Service with the Softswitch platform. Its expansible capacity enables service operators to provide extensive local and long-haul calls on IP-Based Next Generation Network, and flexibly enables fast and convenient service deployment.

8) ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+/SHDSL/VDSL Broadband Access :

      ULC-1000AN MSAN supports variety types of DSL interfaces for broadband service access; flexibly provisioning different data-rates and services according to customer requirements:

Item Name
Transceiver Unit
FO-XCVR Fiber Optic Transceiver Unit
STM1-XCVR2E STM-1 Optical Transceiver Unit 2 with
Ethernet Interface
STM4-XCVR2E STM-4 Optical Transceiver Unit 2 with
Ethernet Interface
E1X-XCVR E1 Transceiver Unit
E1QX-XCVR3 Quad E1 Transceiver Unit
E1GS-XCVR E1 G.SHDSL Transceiver Unit
ETH-XCVR Ethernet Transceiver Unit
E1TX-XCVR2 Triple E1 Transceiver Unit
T1TX-XCVR Triple T1 Transceiver Unit
Common Unit
L-PSU Local Power Supply Unit)
R-PSU Remote Power Supply Unit
CPU2 Central Processing Unit 2
Functional Unit
ELU Expansion Link Unit
ELU2 Expansion Link Unit 2
EBC Expansion Bank Control
MTU-S Metallic Test Unit – Subscriber
V5P V5 Protocol Unit
ADP Bus Adaptor Unit
GE-SW Gigabit Ethernet Switch Unit
GE-SW2 Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Switch Unit
MGU Media Gateway Unit
ADCU Asynchronous Data Combination Unit
VCU Voice Conference Unit
AC10 Enternal Alarm Uint
Item Name
Voice Channel Unit
LI-POTS Local Exchange International POTS Channel Unit
RI-POTS Remote Subscriber International POTS
Channel Unit
LI-APOTS Local Exchange International Advanced
POTS Channel Unit
RI-APOTS Remote Exchange International Advanced
POTS Channel Unit
L-UVG Local Exchange Universal Voice Grade Channel Unit
R-UVG Remote Subscriber Universal Voice Grade
Channel Unit
L-MPI Magneto Phone Interface
E&M E&M Channel Unit 6 Lines
DID Direct Inward Dialing
HL-POTS Hot Line POTS Channel Unit
RI-POTSG Remote Subscriber International POTS
Channel Gain Programmable Unit
Data Channel Unit
ASDU/ASDU6 Asynchronous/Synchronous Data Channel Unit
CO64 CO-Directional 64Kbps
IDL-128 Remote ISDN 128K Data Channel Unit
L-ISDN Local Subscriber ISDN Channel Unit
R-ISDN Remote Subscriber ISDN Channel Unit
N64 Nx64K Data Unit
DLAN Dual Port LAN Unit
N64-GS Nx64 kbps SHDSL Unit 2
E1QAX Quad E1 Asynchronous Channel Unit
E1V5 V5 Interface Unit
Broadband Unit
ATMU-STM1 Broadband Aggregation Unit STM-1
ATMU-GE Broadband Aggregation Unit Gigabit
ATU-C8 Multi-ADSL Terminal Unit-8 Channels
ATU-C16 Multi-ADSL Terminal Unit-16 Channels
STU-C SHDSL Terminal Unit-Central