Trailblazer™ radios use TrueTDM™and IPtechnology to provide perfect wireline quality telephone service to industrial facilities and substations beyond existing phone lines. Configurable for up to eight 64 kbps PCM voice channels in a combination of 4-wire E&M circuits and POTS, with ranges up to 32 mi/50 km or more with repeaters. Features full fax and V.90 dial-up modem or Ethernet capability. 2-wire bidirectional circuits are also available.

All Trailblazer models offer an unmatched set of features:

1: Flexible and Programmable
All Trailblazer™models are bench or field programmable. Configure the bandwidth, allocate voice and data, use installation and antenna alignment aids and diagnostic tools. All models support 4-wire E&M, 2-wire circuits, Carrier Class features, fax, and V.90 dial-up modems.
2: Advantages Over Wireline
All Trailblazer™models deliver voice, data or both up to 32 mi / 50 km. Using  Carlson’s exclusive TrueTDM technology and state-of-the-art digital electronics and wireless links, Trailblazer™radios provide network quality and reliability without the expense of right of way costs or wireline hard costs. Allows substation isolation.
3: Plug and Play Simplicity & Reliability
All components, including digital radio cards, multiplexer, power supplies and CPU are fully integrated into the outdoor 3 kg / 8 lb waterproof enclosure or a standard metal rackmount. No third party devices such as MUX or adaptors needed.
4: Easy Installation
ODUs are easily installed with a simple wall or pole mount and built-in power supply. 19″ rack mount IDU also available. Programming with a GUI and your laptop completes the job.
5: Rugged & Weatherproof
ODU terminals are housed in a NEMA4X waterproof enclosure, built to last in tough climates.
6: No License Required, yet Private and Secure
Uses the license-exempt (in most countries) 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz frequency bands, while providing fully encrypted, spread spectrum CDMAmodulation for your privacy. Licensed 4.9 GHz models are also available for qualifying security-related applications.
7: Low Power Draw, Solar Powerable
Point-to-Point systems draw low power and accept any DC Voltage from 12V to 24V. Solar power kits available with up to 7 days of backup power.

For more information, please click the link: TB-Hybrid